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After decades of experience in the pet food industry, we didn’t like the beaten path set before us when we started NewRoad Foods, so we paved our own. We went back to the very beginning and questioned every part of the process--from sourcing ingredients, to recipe development, to manufacturing standards, to our distribution model—and landed on something truly unique: a dog kibble that’s human-grade, baked from scratch to order and delivered to your doorstep every month. Our dogs deserve the same freshness + quality we expect in our own food, which is why we never compromise, so you don’t have to either.

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Baked with Your Pup in Mind

To us, human grade = family grade. Which is why we bake our kibble in small batches, using high quality, non-GMO ingredients including USDA certified chicken, wild-caught whitefish, cranberries, fresh carrots, green tea + organic coconut oil. We cold-form our dough using a pasta maker and gently bake our food to lock in all the nutrients.

You can see, smell and taste the difference in our kibble! And our customers often say their dog is happier, healthier and more energized after switching to NewRoad Foods.

Get a $10 Trial Pack