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Here at NewRoad, we’re rethinking what it means to feed our pets like they're family. For us, quality food starts with using ingredients with integrity.

We use 100% human-grade ingredients, including USDA Certified Chicken and wild-caught Whitefish.

Our small batch clean kibble is baked fresh to order and delivered to your doorstep just days after exiting our pastry ovens.

We cold-form and bake your pup's food using gentle heating conditions. All recipes are non-gmo, nutritionally balanced, and safe for human consumption!

We’re on a mission to provide dogs with food as clean and safe as the food you serve your family. We never use subpar feed-grade ingredients, which could be derived from unknown sources or diseased livestock.

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Free shipping!

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Most dogs love the crunchy goodness we’re baking up, but we always recommend buying a trial pack before deciding which recipe is right for your pup.

Some families feed exclusively NewRoad, and some prefer to substitute wet food or home cooked meals as well. Our flexible subscription allows you to adjust order quantity and frequency, giving you a truly tailored meal program.

Try a $10 Trial Pack