Food Allergies in Dogs: How to Alleviate Symptoms

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Allergies are adverse reactions that happen to animals and people when exposed to specific substances. Most of the substances that cause allergies are proteins found in tree or grass pollens, mold spores, various pollutants, substances from insect bites, and food.

The initial exposure to these proteins doesn’t cause adverse reactions at first, but after being exposed again and again, the immune system begins to perceive these proteins as a threat.

Simply put, an allergy is the result of the immune system mistakenly perceiving a harmless protein as a dangerous pathogen. 

Allergies in Dogs


  • itching
  • rashes
  • digestive disorders
  • loose stools
  • sore joints
  • lethargy



- Identify the Allergen -

Identifying the allergen is the first step toward alieving allergy symptoms.

Determining which allergen your pup is reacting to—airborne or environmental allergens, substances from insect bites, or food can be tough.

Often when the weather changes pups may experience some adverse effects in terms of skin and coat conditions, such as itching and irritation. Seasonal allergies may be to blame in these cases. Certain skin and blood tests may help identify the source of the problem, so be sure to speak to your veterinarian for details. 

When it comes to food allergies, one of the easiest ways to start the process of identifying and removing the allergen is with an elimination diet.

Beef allergy

- Eliminate the Allergen -

Begin by eliminating the animal protein you suspect your pup is reacting to. Widely used proteins in the pet food industry like chicken or beef are generally the triggers.

The immune system reacts to very specific proteins—for example, a pet may react adversely to beef or chicken, but not fish or another novel protein source. 

When we introduce novel proteins such as fish, the immune system does not recognize them as a threat and will not cause a reaction. 


- Dietary Adjustments - 

While eliminating the source of the allergen is the best way to reduce symptoms, there are other dietary adjustments that can help. 

Enhanced Omega 3 Fatty Acid levels have a tendency to keep the immune system from over-reacting when exposed to a potential allergen, thus providing relief for itchy pups. 

Providing meals that are composed of a limited number of ingredients may also help reduce the risk of adverse allergic reactions.


Limited Ingredient Clean Kibble  

Our Limited Ingredient recipe has been crafted exclusively for pups with allergies to common proteins such as beef or chicken.

An overwhelming majority of the protein in this recipe is derived from our wild-caught whitefish (a unique source of animal protein) and also contains significant levels of Omega 6 and 3 Fatty Acids which are essential to support healthy skin and coat conditions.

Not sure if an elimination diet is right for your pet? Reach out and we'll connect you with one of our nutrition experts! Just send a note to for a free consultation. 

  • Designed specifically for dogs with food allergies.
  • Novel protein source of wild-caught whitefish.
  • Over 75% of the protein is derived from fish. 
  • Baked fresh to order & delivered each month. 
  • Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids.


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