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Hello NewRoad Pack! Until we can turn our pastry ovens back on and start baking your dog’s food again, we have compiled a list of NewRoad alternatives for each of our recipes. Whether you’re part of the NewRoad pack or just looking for fresh ideas of what to feed your dog during this pandemic, we’re here to help.

Should you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call us: 716-499-9692 or email us: 

Alternatives for Each NewRoad Recipe

We believe strongly in the value of freshly-baked, human-grade dog food so we tried to come up with several different brands that are at least one of the following: oven-baked, non-GMO, organic or human-grade. Find your NewRoad recipe below + check out our recommended alternatives for each.


Lotus Good Grains Chicken Recipe Oven-Baked Adult Dry Dog Food
The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Whole Grain Chicken Recipe
Organix Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe

Healthy Aging

Lotus Wholesome Good Grains Senior Special Needs Recipe Dry Dog Food
Organix Grain Free Organic Senior Recipe

Weight Management

Halo Holistic Healthy Weight

Limited Ingredient

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Limited Ingredient Fish Recipe

Grain Free

The Honest Kitchen Whole Food Clusters - Grain Free Chicken
Organix Grain Free Organic Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

Why We Chose These Foods

Lotus Oven Baked Kibble
Why we like it: Oven-baked, small-batch
Downside: Not human-grade

Halo Holistic Dog Food
Why we like it: No meat meals, non-GMO
Downside: Not human grade, not fresh

Organix Pet Food
Why we like it: Organic

The Honest Kitchen
Why we like it: Human-grade
Downside: Not fresh

Other Honorable Mentions

The foods above are similar in form factor to ours (either kibble or dry foods) but below are other foods that you might want to consider as well. The human-grade fresh/frozen foods tend to be quite costly, but one option would be to combine or supplement dry/baked foods with these fresh foods as well.

FreshPet (Refrigerated)
Why we like it: No meat meals

NomNomNow (Fresh/Frozen)
Why we like it: Human-grade

Ollie (Fresh/Frozen)
Why we like it: Human-grade

If you have any questions at all about other foods to temporarily transition to, let’s jump on a call and we can give you our honest evaluation of how similar in composition it might be to the NewRoad recipe you are currently feeding your pup. Call us: 716-499-9692 or email us:

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**We are in no way affiliated or sponsored by any of the above brands. These are just suggestions to help keep your pup happy and healthy through this transition.**


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