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At NewRoad Foods we're not limited by industry standards. We're different than commercial dog food brands, so we're not afraid to think differently and challenge the norm. That's why we package our food in an entirely new way.

Clean kibble in kraft bags


Whether your pup is a Chihuahua or a Border Collie, you'll receive your monthly delivery divided up into convenient weekly portions. You'll feed 1 bag of clean kibble per week; the larger the dog, the larger the bag size.

Simply use the calculator on any product page to determine how many pounds of food you'll need each month and we'll take care of dividing it up and shipping it out! 

Happy dog with clean kibble


Traditional dry pet food is made via large extruders that omit enough heat and pressure to cook foods within seconds. At NewRoad, we cold-form our foods and then gently bake them in pastry ovens. Our process is different, and so is our packaging. 

Our clean kibble has been crafted with care and it deserves to be delivered fresh to your door each month. Small-batch packaging minimizes exposure to air and oxidation, reduces nutrient degradation, and ensures a fresh taste each week!

Fresh Food = Happy Dogs

If you're ready to give our clean kibble a test run, pick up a Trial Pack for only $10! 

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