NEW Wild-Caught Whitefish Protein Chips Are Here!

NEW Wild-Caught Whitefish Protein Chips Are Here!

We're thrilled to share with you our newest Protein Chip recipe: Wild-Caught Whitefish w/ Organic Coconut Oil! 🐟

Using a unique protein source, we specially crafted these Protein Chips for pups that have food sensitivities. Whitefish is an awesome + unique protein source that's especially good for dogs who have problems with common proteins like chicken or beef. Also, our Whitefish Chips are a great way to mix it up and try something new if your dog loves the taste of fish.

Like our existing USDA-Certified Chicken Protein Chips, they’re made with only a few ingredients, are high in protein, low in calories and have the same awesome CRUNCH factor 💥 Perfect as a protein-packed meal topper, training treat or healthy snack, our Wild-Caught Whitefish Protein Chips are now available for one-time purchases here.

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