What does human grade mean? (And why it’s important!)

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Many pet parents don’t realize that the vast majority of pet foods available (with very few exceptions) are made with feed-grade ingredients and made in feed-grade factories. Feed-grade ingredients can and, and do, contain the following:

  • 4D meats (dying, diseased, disabled or deceased animals)
  • Uninspected/uncertified animal protein sources
  • Contaminants from filth or industrial chemicals
  • Contaminated or adulterated ingredients originally intended for human foods that have been diverted for use in feed-grade foods after contamination

While not all feed-grade foods contain these unpleasantries, the point is that they technically can. Feeding human-grade foods remove the risk that your pet’s food ever could–think of it as a pet food insurance policy of sorts.

NewRoad Dog

Human-grade pet foods have been deemed fit for human consumption by the FDA–meaning they are safe and clean enough to feed not only to your pup but your entire family. Furthermore, human-grade foods are safer to have around your family. The CDC recently recommended that, due to contaminants in feed-grade foods, consumers should store them away from where human food is handled and out of the reach of children. Happily, because NewRoad products are 100% human-grade, they can be safely stored right alongside the other human foods in your pantry. 

As we become more educated about our own foods, where they come from, and how they’re made it’s natural that we start to pay the same attention to our pet’s food. At NewRoad we believe that the more informed you are about your pet’s food, the better off both you and your pup will be.

As always, please reach out with any questions (or pup pics!) at info@newroadfoods.com


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