Why Your Dog Needs Fresh Baked Dry Food

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At NewRoad Foods, we want nothing but the best for your pup. That's why we're redefining what fresh means in dry dog food. Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards fresh foods – we try to avoid overly processed snacks and do our best to eat healthily. Why should we treat our dogs any different? Unlike most other dry dog food brands, we bake our dog food fresh to order each week, then ship it to you right away. Not only does this taste a lot better, but it's healthier too!

We define fresh very simply:

Made. Packed. Delivered.

Commercial dry dog food can sit in warehouses for 18 months before it makes it to your dog’s bowl. Our Fresh Dog Food arrives at your door just days after it was baked–not after months of sitting in a warehouse. We’re in the kitchen baking your food every week, and everything we bake gets shipped to your pup right away. 

NewRoad Kitchen

It’s logical that foods made and delivered within days are a more nutrient-rich option for your pup. It’s also a lot tastier! Just think about it – would you rather have a fresh-baked cookie from the bakery or a processed cookie that’s spent the last six months in a warehouse? I know what I’d choose!

Nearly all traditional dog foods are designed to travel through long-chain distribution systemsby the time these foods are consumed by our pets they could have been made up to 18 months before. These foods require a significant amount of preservatives. And while you’ll always find an expiration date on commercial dog foods, you’ll never find the date they were actually produced.

At NewRoad Foods, we stamp every single package of our fresh baked dog food with the date we made it – so you know exactly when your pup’s food was baked.

Small Packages, Big Taste

NewRoad Recipes

We pack our dog food in small bags, with each bag containing a week’s supply measured out just for your dog. We do this by portioning your pup’s monthly food deliveries into four separate bags – one per week. If your dog’s suggested monthly intake is 4 pounds of food, you’ll receive x4 1-pound bags. If your dog’s suggested monthly delivery is 24 pounds of food, you’ll receive x4 6-pound bags. Find out how much is right for your dog here!

Our subscription model ensures that your dog is always eating fresh food. When food is exposed to the air, the fats begin to oxidize. Fats are an important part of our dog’s nutrition – they provide flavor and functional benefits like skin and coat support. However, fats that are exposed to air over an extended period of time oxidize, damaging nutrients and taste in the process.

Think about how cereal tastes the first time you open the bag and compare that with how it tastes after it's been sitting in your pantry for a while. Typically, it will taste stale after a few weeks because the fat has oxidized, degrading both the nutritional value and the taste. Dog food is no different.

We’ve designed a model to keep foods for your dog as fresh as those you feed your family. With NewRoad Foods, your dog will be eating the freshest food around, and we’re sure they’ll thank you for the flavor of a fresh pack each week!

Why not try our trial pack for just $10? Containing a recipe of your choice, plus a bag of our delicious (and healthy!) treats, this is a great way to try our dog foods without committing to a subscription.

We love to hear from you, so please reach out at info@newroadfoods.com with any questions/comments/feedback you have! 

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