Food Sensitivities in Dogs & How a Unique Protein Can Help

Food Sensitivities in Dogs & How a Unique Protein Can Help

What are food sensitivities and how do you know if your dog has them?

Dogs can struggle with food sensitivities and allergies for a variety of reasons. A significant factor can be their diet and, more specifically, the main type of protein in their diet.

Over time, dogs can develop intolerances to commonly used protein in pet food like chicken and beef. This can lead to skin and coat issues like hot spots and itching and/or digestive issues.

 What to do if you suspect your pup has food sensitivities

One of the most effective ways to help a dog with food sensitives is a diet change. Below are two things you’ll want to look for. It is ALWAYS a good idea to transition your dog from one food to another over the course of a 7-10 days, but you may need to extend this period even longer for dogs with extra sensitive tummies.

#1 Look for a food with a unique protein

Look for a protein that is NOT chicken or beef. Fish is a great option for dogs with sensitivities. 

#2 Look for a food with a single protein source

Because nearly all food sensitivities are caused by protein, the objective is to find a food with not just a unique protein but a single, unique protein. In doing this, you’ll isolate where the source of the irritation is coming from. Ideally an overwhelming amount of the overall protein will come from one unique source.

#3 Look for Omega 6 & 3 Fatty Acids

Especially for pups that have sensitives that present as skin/coat issues, you’ll want to give them as much help there as possible. Significant amounts of Omega 6 & 3 Fatty Acids are a great way to provide this support.

The above recommendations apply to treats and any other nutrition you’re providing as well, not just main meals.

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