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Feel good about what you feed your dog


NewRoad Foods was founded by daughter-father team, Katie Smith + Greg Dorin in 2014. With decades of experience in the pet food industry, they saw the sub-par manufacturing practices and questionable ingredients that were being used and decided to create a new path for themselves and started from scratch.

They forged new roads in recipe development, ingredient sourcing, manufacturing + distribution all in the name of creating a dog treat that us dog parents could actually trust. With humble beginnings using their counter-top pasta machine in Katie’s home kitchen to now using a Gotz P20 pasta maker in their human-grade kitchen in Huntington Beach, CA, Katie + Greg have always had the same intention with making treats for our dogs—“we never compromise so you don’t have to either.”


Katie (Co-Founder & COO)
Meet her furry family

PIGGY (aka Pig Dog)

Likes: Snacks, eating while laying down, relentlessly nudging anyone for pets
Dislikes: Rigorous movement, anything she absolutely doesn’t feel like doing at the moment
Best known for: Voicing her opinions


LUCY (aka Fluffy, Scrappy, Flufferdoo)

Likes: Burrowing under covers, her mom, sometimes her sister Pig
Dislikes: Baths, haircuts, any personal grooming

Best known for: Being fluffy

BEAR (aka Big Bear, Mr. Bear)

Likes: Laying on his back w/ his feet in the air, dad, his human brother Lincoln
Dislikes: Being told he’s too big to be on the couch
Best known for: Sitting outside his brother’s room each morning to make sure he’s the first to greet him in his crib






Greg (Co-Founder & CEO)
Meet his furry family

DAISY (aka Daisy Doggie, Sam’s Wife)

Likes: Hunting lizards in the backyard, ordering around her husband Sam, endlessly chasing tennis balls, being pampered, singing/howling w/ her Dad
Dislikes: Following commands or requests from her parents, the rain
Best known for: Behaving like a princess, enjoying a good cuddle

SAM (aka Sammy boy, Daisy’s husband)

Likes: Giving kisses to Daisy, any type of snack, hanging out with other dogs, making vertical leaps into the air which are quite impressive for a 10 lb dog
Dislikes: Being away from Daisy
Best known for: Loving Daisy