Product Testing & Regulations

What is AAFCO?

AAFCO is an organization composed of FDA officials, state feed control officials, industry representatives and academic experts.

AAFCO establishes standards in terms of nutrition, ingredient definitions, labeling, etc., for pet foods and animal feed. Each state uses these standards to set their own laws and regulations. Each year AAFCO releases an annual official publication to refine and update these requirements.

Why It’s Important: The standards outlined in each updated AAFCO Official Publication are the result of leading experts weighing in on optimal nutrition for dogs and cats. At NewRoad, we develop all of our products to meet and exceed AAFCO requirements. We then test each and every product several times to confirm that we’ve got it right.

All of the NewRoad Foods diets

are developed and then analyzed at independent nationally recognized laboratories to ensure they meet the nutrient requirements published in the most recent AAFCO Official Publication.